Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Inflatable Slides

When you're planning a child's party you're going to need a way to keep them entertained, and if you have the room and the weather, you may want to consider inflatable slides. These are a great way to keep the children amused and to keep them physically active as well. You may want to consider having more than one of these, depending upon your crowd, or may want to consider a bounce house, jousting ring, rock climbing wall, or other inflatable along with your inflatable slides for an even better party!Once you start shopping for inflatable slides you may be surprised at how many you have from which to choose, which can mean getting overwhelmed with your choice. What is the difference between them and why are some more expensive than others? How do you know which size is right for your group?

Obviously your choice in inflatable slides will depend upon the age of the children, as smaller children may get overwhelmed with larger slides and may not enjoy them at all. Conversely, older children may get bored with very small inflatable slides and so may want the largest ones you can find. The crowd will also determine the size; one that is wider may accommodate more children at once, whereas smaller ones may mean only one or two children at a time. This might mean that a line forms and the children get bored.Companies that offer inflatable slides typically also offer other inflatable attractions such as bounce houses and jousting rings. You may be able to get a discount by arranging two or more of these for one event; check this when you call to make a reservation. You may be surprised at the savings, and if you don't see something advertised, speak up and ask. The company you choose usually has a lot of leeway to make their own decisions about deals and arrangements, so there's no harm in asking if those inflatable slides might be coupled with a bounce house for a reduced rate for both.

The size of your yard or park may also determine the inflatable slides from which you choose. Most parks will have plenty of room for the largest model but you need to check with them about bringing in such an item. As for your own home, remember that they may need room around them for power cords and a generator or the cords needed to keep it securely on the ground. When calling about inflatable slides be sure you understand the square footage needed and take some actual measurements of your yard if necessary.Children usually love inflatable slides more than you realize, and adults may also appreciate taking a turn. This is a great way to keep your party lively and to keep the children occupied. Since you have so many inflatable slides from which to choose, why not shop around for one for your party or next get-together?

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