Bounce House: Moonwalks, Jump Houses & Water Slides
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Inflatable Water Slide

If you're planning an outdoor party for kids, you may want to consider an inflatable water slide as the main attraction. These are a great way to cool off everyone and to keep the kids active as well. They can provide hours of fun and enjoyment, and even older children may appreciate them for a graduation party or other event.When you start to shop for an inflatable water slide you may be surprised at the options you have. There are large slides that have a nice height and drop and smaller ones that are meant for younger children; there are even choices that don't slide at all but that are flat on the ground. The children run and slip along the surface. These are a great alternative to the traditional inflatable water slide especially if you have adults that want to join in on the fun, since those larger slides may not be able to hold their weight.

Because you have so many options when it comes to an inflatable water slide, you may want to take the time to shop around and compare models and choices. You may also wonder how to choose the best one for your party. For very small children, you don't want them to get overwhelmed with the size and height of an inflatable water slide so keep this in mind. Get one that is meant specifically for their age group. For older children such as those graduation parties and other parties, the larger models may be a better choice. You can often get ones that are twenty feet tall or even larger. This type of inflatable water slide can be perfect for the kids that are more accustomed to carnival rides and games.

Your space limitations will also affect your choice of an inflatable water slide. Remember that many are very long and very wide; you need plenty of room around the sides for guests to stay comfortably and you may also not want to put them underneath power lines that are overhead, for safety's sake. Keep this in mind when choosing an inflatable water slide and ask the company you call for options. You can also ask them about safety issues when it comes to needed space around your yard or the area in which you'll put your slide. In some cases you might also consider if you should choose an inflatable water slide and another inflatable jump house or bounce house as well. This can mean keeping the kids entertained as there may be a line that starts to form around the slide. A bounce house or ball pit can mean some time in the shade for those very hot days and can also mean getting the kids to work off some energy. When you go to rent an inflatable water slide, ask if you can get a deal on renting more than one as you might get a discount that way.

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