moonwalkLeaping and laughing the summer months away in a moonwalk can be some of the most memorable experiences your children can have. However, it is critical that any owner of a moonwalk take extensive good care of their bounce house in order to preserve it. Typically, a moonwalk or bounce house will last for about a decade with proper care, but can last even longer depending on the care and attention that the owner provides. A neglected moonwalk might only last a matter of months, much less a year.

The key to preserving a moonwalk for many years is keeping the walls of the structure in tact. The vinyl material that makes up the moonwalk walls is strong enough to withstand the feet of children constantly jumping around inside. The material is also strong enough to keep the air inflating the structure from escaping and leaking. However, despite this, it is not always strong enough to withstand the weather or natural elements.

Rainfall can heavily damage moonwalks, reducing their lifespan faster than expected. While a moonwalk will not immediately shrivel up upon contact with water, the quality of the vinyl can degrade if left wet for too long. Water droplets on a moonwalk can cause the formation of mold or mildew on the vinyl surface. The presence of mold and mildew can eventually lead to a weakened condition of the entire vinyl material. Eventually, the moonwalk walls and floor could rip apart in multiple areas. Using Tear-Aid patches will seal the rips, but the overall quality of the material will be weakened beyond repair. Always properly store the bounce house after use, making sure that it is indoors, inside, or otherwise sheltered. Every bounce house should come complete with its own storage bag that can fit in almost any garage or storage facility.

Even if you follow all these steps every playtime, every day, there can still be a fluke chance that you’ve received a defective bounce house. This can be detected by the quality of the sewing: if air is constantly escaping and not inflating the device, the product is defective. Your initial warranty will vary depending on the selected moonwalk style. Residential moonwalks and bounce houses typically have a 90-day warranty, while commercial moonwalks and bounce houses have a warranty of about 1 year.