All bounce houses have their own unique features and design choices, but they all share certain rules and guidelines that have been put into place to maintain high levels of safety from inflation to takedown. In addition, these common rules and standards help to keep the amount of fun for all users of the moonwalk at any given time. One of the rules and policies that can be found in the manuals for all bounce houses and inflatable devices is what you should be wearing on your feet when you enter the bounce house.

The general policy for all bounce houses is that you are not allowed to wear shoes when bouncing. All shoes should be removed before users enter the bounce house and left outside the exit to be picked up when the users are finished bouncing and exit the area. Every kind of shoe you could own and bring to the celebrations, be it gym shoes, sandals, boots, high heels, cleats, etc. have some kind of hard rubber or similar material on their sole. While it allows the wearer to firmly grip the ground while walking or running, the same materials are sharp enough to scratch, if not outright rip holes in the fabric of a bounce house. Since users of a bounce house will be moving around almost constantly, most likely jumping, leaping or crawling around, it will only be a matter of time before the materials in the shoes were to cause significant damage. If there is a significant number of people bouncing at the same time, have someone, perhaps a parent or monitor outside at the entrance watch over the shoes while the bouncing is taking place, and to keep the shoes sorted and in order while the bouncing carries on.

You aren’t allowed to wear shoes while bouncing, but it is still recommended that you wear something over your feet while in the bouncing area. As a result, you should wear a clean pair of socks, nothing more, nothing less, over your feet while using the bounce house. Socks contain none of the potentially harmful rubber materials that shoes have, and as a result, pose no risk to the quality of the bounce house. Your socks will be able to stand up to a near constant stream of bouncing on the moonwalk’s vinyl materials, and vice versa. Wearing socks while bouncing also allows for an added layer of protection over your feet. If you were to trip while using the bounce house, or there was an accidental collision, your feet have a much lower risk of injury then there would be if you had gone barefoot.

There is no specific universal rule against going barefoot in a bounce house like the “no shoes” rule, but it is still generally considered polite and respectful to not go barefoot while bouncing. While bare feet will obviously not have any traces of the harmful rubber from shoes, there’s no way to provide the additional layer of protection and safety like you would get from wearing a pair of socks. There is also the potential issue of your users having smelly feet. If all your guests bounce while barefoot, your bounce house may start to stink before you know it. If your guests, friends, and family wear socks while bouncing, it could significantly reduce the issue.