While there are various rules and regulations that vary from bouncer to bouncer, there is one rule that always applies, regardless of the bounce house or inflatable device you’re using. Whenever a bounce house is in use, a parent or adult must be present for supervision. It doesn’t matter if the bounce house is being used by children or adults themselves: always have a responsible adult present in case there is an emergency while the bounce house is in use. Bounce house supervision is a varied term, however, and can apply to numerous jobs and tasks while a bounce house party is taking place.

Obviously, the simplest way of supervising a bounce house party is to keep an eye on the people jumping and leaping around inside of the inflatable device. Typically, this is commonly associated with children’s parties and playtime, but can also definitely apply when teenagers and adults are bouncing around in the jump area. The role of basic supervision means monitoring the bounce area, keeping an eye out for any injuries that might take place, or already have. Basic supervision also requires the parent to break up and discourage any behavior inside of the bounce house that becomes too rough, rowdy, or violent, whether accidental or on purpose. Now, this does not mean applying strict, overbearing rules at every physical occurrence. Simply saying something like “OK, guys, break it up” will do.

Another way for parents to supervise the bounce house and its activities is to have one parent located at the entrance to the bouncer and assist users entering and exiting the bounce area. Naturally, this will apply for younger children and toddlers. Both are likely new to bounce houses and will need help situating themselves to the concept. The parents stationed at the entrance can also assist the children in taking off their shoes before entering the bounce area, if they should need the help.

While the other adults can be monitoring and helping the users of the bounce house, other adults can supervise the technical aspects of the bounce house. This includes monitoring the blower and making sure it is working properly, confirming the connection between the blower and the inflatable device is secure, and inspecting the bounce house for any tears or escaping air. The adults in charge of monitoring these processes should also be put in charge of taking down the bounce house when the activities and games are finished for the day. It should be noted that if you are renting your bounce house, a rental crew will be present to supervise the blower and physical quality of the bounce house for you.

All of these supervising adults can work together in an emergency event to protect each user from further injury or panic. For instance, in the event of poor weather striking the bounce house party, both entrance and general supervising adults can help the bounce house users evacuate the bounce house area while the technical supervisors work on deflating the bouncer and shielding the blower and outlet from rain damage.