A bounce house wouldn’t be able to function if it wasn’t for the blower that ships alongside it. Every blower is activated by plugging its cord into a nearby outlet. When the blower is plugged in, it generates a steady, powerful stream of air, which then shoots up the air tube and into the walls of the device, causing inflation. However, during the set up of your bounce house, you must make sure that the site is as organized and balanced as possible. Many users and party guests have been known to trip over the blower’s power cord while it is active, causing deflation and possible injury.

One of the most common types of accidental bounce house deflation occurs when people trip over the blower cord that has been plugged into the wall. Such sudden actions can damage the cord and plug due to the sudden yanking out of the wall. Frequent occurrences of tripping can weaken the cord and cause the blower to die prematurely. It also goes without saying that those who trip over the cord are very likely to suffer some small injury as a result. Unlike the main bouncing area, there is no cushion of air and vinyl waiting to catch your fall if you trip and lose your footing outside of the bounce house. As fun as they may be, you must always keep a clear head and be mindful of safety and rules whenever you are around a bounce house.

Luckily for you, there are a variety of ways to prevent these cases of tripping from so easily occurring. Experiment with the way you set up and position your bounce house each time. Keep trying to change the layout and locations of each set piece to see which is the most organized, and to find the combination that causes the least amount of stress on the blower and plug. Try to either set up the bounce house so that it is as close as possible to the outlet that you’ll plug the blower into. Stretching the cord in order to reach a bounce house that is far away from the power source will be a prime target for tripping and accidents. Depending on your yard and your specific type of bounce house, it may take some time and many different attempts to get the layout that works best for you and your current location.

If you have a significant and excessive amount of cord lying around from your blower, it will reduce any strain on the blower and its accessories to stay active. However, people are just as prone to tripping over a large pile of cords as they are over a long stretched out cord if they’re not looking where they’re going. Covering up the cord could add another layer of protection and safety to the set-up area. Try to tape it to the ground, or place some kind of appliance or chair on top of the excess cord. It is generally considered unwise to place any excessive amount of cords underneath the bounce house itself. While the cord may be protected from guests tripping over it, the natural shifting of the fully inflated bounce house may eventually loosen the plug from the outlet, which will also lead to a sudden deflation.

As a general safety precaution, instruct your guests to avoid walking, running, or playing around the outlet or blower. Consider blocking off the area entirely from all guests, except for those specifically in charge of setting up and taking down the blower. Discouraging people from traveling through the area may be all the extra security and protection you need.